Taihu - Tai Lake

Taihu or Tai Lake is about an hour west of Suzhou. It is one of the largest lake in China, even though not as delicate or pretty as the West Lake in Hangzhou. If you spend a few days in Suzhou, or Wuxi, you may want to go out to the lake to take a look. One place to go is Xishan, West Hill, which is a big island in the lake. Now there is a bridge that connects the lakeshore and the island. You can hike a few hills, visit a couple of temples, and have a dinner at one of those restuarants sitting on boats bound together. Of course you should order fish, fresh, tender and tasty. One can also go to Taihu easily from Wuxi, which is a city about half an hour north of Suzhou. Both cities are on a high speed rail line. It takes just a half hour to go from shanghai to suzhou if you take a fast train.


Taihu said to be the 3rd or the 2nd larges lake in China (one of the largest ones is shrinking due to drought, so they're not sure which one's bigger.

Tai Lake Sunset

Have a dinner on of those restaurants on boats and enjoy the sunset view.

Baoshan Temple, Tai Lake

Baoshan Temple is lcoated on West Hill Island. The temple has now history, but the current structure is mostly reconstruction of destroyed ancient buidlings.

Taihu Garden Window.

This type of windows are typical of Chinese architecture. The idea is let you see but not see it all at one time.

Local ceramic,Tailhu

Good fortune to you!

Taihu Waterwheel