Some More Old China Travel Answers

Are there speed trains to Wenzhou?

Are there high speed trains to Wenzhou?

Travel from Shanghai to Wenzhou

We are planning a trip to Shanghai and wanted to fly to Wenzhou. Does dragonair service this area?

Time of flight from Nigeria to China?

How many hours does it take to fly from Nigeria to China?

Travel to Jiuzhaigou

Could you please advise the best way to travel to Jiuzhaigou? How long does the trip take? How long does it take to tour the area? What about accomodation possibilities? Many thanks.

What does "zhou" mean in Chinese?

I know "jing" in Chinese means "capital." So Beijing is "Northern Capital" and Nanjing is "Southern Capital." There are also many "zhou" in Chinese place names. What does it mean?

Prices of Food in China

I'm traveling to China and would like to get your advice on budgeting for food. How much does it cost to eat a lunch or dinner at a decent restaurant?

Is Muslim food available in Wenzhou, China

Would like to know if there is Muslim food available in Wenzhou. I am to travel for BDS program in Wenzhou Medical College. Could you also guide me which cellular company is best there and how much it would cost pre paid or post paid.

travel form airport to train station in beijing

How easy is it to get from the airport in Beijing to the train station to travel to Chengdu? Thanks.


Is there any mosque near Wenzhou Medical College?


What does Shishi Clothing City have? Is it like Fumin Market in Humen City? How to reach there by bus, train, air, etc.? All information about Shishi Garment whole markets and other whole markets in Guangdong please.

Tourist attractions place in Ruian, Wenzhou

Hi, do you know any good attraction places in Ruian City, Wenzhou? Also is there any muslim food there?

Churches in Wenzhou

Is there any methodist church or any other church near Wenzhou Medical College?

Wenzhou airport transportation

Could you advise on transportation from Wenzhou airport to University of Wenzhou Hotels?

Foreign banks in Wenzhou?

Are there banks like barclays and standard chartered bank close to Wenzhou Medical College?


I am travelling from Ghana to China and will allight at Beijin. Can I get a train or bus to travel to Guangzhou and how much will it cost me?

shuttle between Wenzhou train station and airport

Is there any special bus that drives from the Wenzhou bus/train station directly to the airport? When yes, where does it leave, when, how long does ist take and how much is it?

Travel to Quanzhou

Bus from Xiamen to Quanzhou - how much, how to book, at what bus station/terminal? How to get to popular food street?


I have to travel zhengzhou in october-2007. Being muslim i am interested to know about the places where i can get a true muslim food at reasonable cost near "Huanghe Guest House & Resorts".

Travel from Wenzhou to Ningbo

What options do I have travelling from Wenzhou to Ningbo? Plane/Train/Bus etc. Thanks.

Noodle House Zhengzhou

I was just wondering what the name is and where is the best noodle house to go to in Zhengzhou? Thanks!

travel from Guangzhou to Wenzhou

I want to travel from Guangzhou to Wenzhou. Could you advise on ways to make the trip? By plane, train, or bus?

distance between 2 cities

1)Is there a bus service from Hangzhou to Wuhan? 2)Is there a bus service from Hangzhou to Wenzhou? 3)How far apart are Wenzhou and Shenzhen?

Air Travel

Can you please advise name of airline that flies from Hong Kong to Wenzhou Yongqiang.

Travelling possibilities

Can you please advise name of airline that flies from Wuhan, China to Lahore, Pakistan and also where can i find the flight schedule?

Hotels near Guangzhou Airport

I'd like to book a 2 or 3-star hotel near Guangzhou airport. Pls. help advise hotel name & cost. Tnx.

Travel time from Guangzhou to Zhengzhou

How long does it take to drive from Guangzhou to Zhengzhou?

What airport for Wenling City?

What airport do you fly into if you are traveling from Shanghai, China to Wenling City, China?

Train from Hong Kong to Shanghai

I wanted to catch a train from Kowloon to Shanghai. I understand that this train only travels every 'other' day. Could you please advise when this train leaves Kowloon on odd or even days. Thank you.

wenzhou to hong kong

I would like to travel to Hong kong for chinese new year - i stay near wenzhou. What is the most cost effective way to do this?

Travel to Shishi, Fujian, China

I want to go to Shishi. I'm traveling first to Hong Kong, then Ningbo, and Shishi. Please tell me the fastest way and cheap way going to Shishi

Train travel between Guangzhou and Beijing

For deluxe soft sleeper to stop along way and enjoy sites from Guangzhou to Beijing over a period of 7 days, what is the best way to reserve train pass for two people?

Indian restaurant in Wenzhou and Taizhou

Dear Sirs, Can you please give me a list of Indian in Wenzhou and Taizhou.

Xiamen to Wenzhou by bus

Hi, I would like to know how I can travel by long distance bus from Xiamen airport to Wenzhou.

Buses from Xiamen To shenzhen

Hello. Where is the bus station of buses heading from Xiamen to Shenzhen? Do they travel daily? How many hours will it take and how much will it cost one way? Thanks!


How much is the air ticket from Nigeria to China? Specifically, I'm going to Kunming by July 2008. I expect you response. Thank you.


Is there a train from Guangzhou to Wenzhou?

How to travel from wenzhou to Hong kong by coach

I want to travel to Hong Kong from wenzhou.I see there is no direct train,so I think travelling to Shenzhen by coach is a better way.Do we have direct coach from wenzhou to shenzhen?Then how to travel from shenzhen to Hong Kong? Do we need a special visa?

What's the price to travel from Wenzhou to Shenzhen then to Hong Kong by coach.

I have decided to make the trip from Wenzhou to Hong Kong by coach. What is the price to go from Wenzhou to Shenzhen by bus? Then from shenzhen to Hong Kong by bus? In all how many hours will it take?

China travel safety

Is it safe to stay at the cheaper hotels of Shanghai, Wenzhou and guanzhau? Is it safe travelling within China through the local road transport services, at any hour?

Bus service in China

Where can i find bus schedules and fares from Taizhou to Wenzhou?

Distance and flight from Nantong to Guangzhou

How many km is Nantong to Guanzhou and what is price for plane?

How can i get from Wenzhou to Guilin?

Could you please advise the bus and train times from Wenzhou to Guilin?

air transportation from Nantong to Beijing

How much does it cost to fly from Nantong to Beijing?

Suzhou-Mt Huangshan-Hangzhou

Could you please advise the best way from Suzhou to Mt Huangshan? Then the best route from Mt Huangshan to Hangzhou? Including departure and arrival times. Thank you.

How to get a mobile phone sim card in China?

I am planning to be on business trip of 3 weeks to china.I will be in Wenzhou, Yiwu, and Foshan. I wish to be in touch with my home. How do I apply and get moblie sim card in China. Any documents needed? What mobile system in existance in China, i.e., GSM or CDMA? Kindly guide me. Thanks a lot!

Travel from Hong Kong to Wenzhou

What is the distance between Hong Kong and Wenzhou? How would I get from Hong Kong to Wenzhou? How long would it take and how much would it cost?

electrical adaptor?

Can you please advise what kind of power sockets China operates. I am travelling from UK. What adaptor will I require?

domestic flights and tours around china

I am planning to go to China this June. Any suggestions about booking domestic flights around cities in China? How difficult is it to book a local tour (as I tried to search for tours in China and they are quite expensive)?

Air Fare for flights between Lagos and Beijing

Approximately, how much does a round trip ticket of lagos-beijing-lagos cost?

Enquiry about Air China in Nigeria

Could you give me the contact address and phone number of Air China in Nigeria?

Buses from Shenzhen to Shantou

Are there some buses from Shenzhen to Shantou? We going to stay in Best Western Felicity Hotel. Are there any bus stations nearby? What are their schedules and fees?

Bringing bottled water to China

Am I allowed to check bottled water in luggage from USA so I'll have a little after such a long flight or is it readily available at airport in Beijing?

Nanchang to Yiwu & Ningbo by bus

I want to go to Yiwu & Ningbo by bus from Nanchang. Is there any direct bus from Nanchang to Ningbo? and is there any bus from Nanchang to Yiwu? what is the fare and distance?

Visa for visiting Hong Kong

I visited Hong Kong in early 2004, with INDIAN PASSPORT and got 15 days visa at Hong Kong airport but dont remember if there were charges. Pl. let me know if there are any changes in getting visa to visit Hong Kong.

Travel from Ningbo to Macau

What is the fastest way, and what is the most economical way, to get from Ningbo to Macau? Thank you!

Buying train tickets in advance to travel in China

Can I buy soft sleeper tickets for the train from Guangzhou to Xiamen from the USA over the internet. If not how can I get them in advance.

Traveling to China for the first time.

Hi China Travel Advice. A friend with the wife want to travel to China for business purpose for the first time. They both have an ineternational passport. Please what are other documents required of them? What will be the cost of their budget including airfair and others? they are only staying for a week. What do you advice concerning getting a good company they can pattener with over there in china? They are into iron building materials, etc.

Travel from Beijing to Guilin

What is the distance between Beijing and Guillin? What are means of transportation? How long does it take to see the main attractions in Guilin?

Train or bus from Shanghai Pudong Airport

I will arrive at Pudong Airport of Shanghai at 7 AM. What should do to reach Yiwu? Please tell me about the Maglev train and how I can reach the railway or bus station from the airport. Thanks.

Trave to Beijing to see Great Wall

I'm currently in Wenzhou. I plan to travel to Beijing specifically to the great wall. Can you please advice me the cheapest way to get there by train or by bus. I think trains are more convenient. However, please do advice also regarding air travel. How long does it take/the cost/the specific stop overs. Kindly advice on back and forth travel info Wenzhou/Beijing/Wenzhou. Many Thanks & Best Regards.

Travel to Chaozhou in China from UK

Please, could you advise me the nearest airport and best route to get to Chaozhou from the UK? Thanks.

Driving distance from Wenzhou to Taizhou

How far is it by car from Wenzhou to Taizhou and how long does it take to get there?