China Travel Answer

Q: Please, could you advise me the nearest airport and best route to get to Chaozhou from the UK? Thanks.

You must be referring to Chaozhou in Guangdong Province.

Chaozhou does not have an airport of its own. It is about 30 km or 18 ml from Shantou Waisha Airport. Shantou Airport has air services with major cities in China, including Hong Kong and Guangzhou. So, from Britain you can fly to Hong Kong or Guangzhou and make a connection there to fly on to Shantou.

At Shantou Airport you can hire a cab to take you to Chaozhou. Taxi drivers may want to bargain instead of going by meters (this happens when you travel in smaller places in China; not so in big cities). In that event, You may want to ask the locals how much you should pay (around 100 Chinese dollars?).

After you have arrived in China, you can also travel on by train. There are train services between Guangzhou and Chaozhou. One train departs from Guangzhou Railway Station (Guangzhou Huoche Zhan) and two other trains depart from Guangzhou Railway Station East (Guangzhou Huoche Dong Zhan). Make sure you know the difference if you chose to travel by train. Train ride times range from a little over six to eight hours.

If arrive in Hong Kong, you can cross border to Shenzhen, where a train leaves for Chaozhou in the afternoon and arrives in Chaozhou before mindnight. Train ride time from Shenzhen to Chaozhou is seven and a half hour.

There are also long distance buses that connect Shenzhen and Chaozhou as well as Guangzhou and Chaozhou. By highway the distance between Guangzhou and Chaozhou is about 500 km. The distance between Shenzhen and Chaozhou is roughly the same, maybe a little less.