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Q: I will arrive at Pudong Airport of Shanghai at 7 AM. What should do to reach Yiwu? Please tell me about the Maglev train and how I can reach the railway or bus station from the airport. Thanks.

There used to be buses bound for Yiwu that depart from Pudong Airport, at 1:00 pm and 4:30 respectively. Not sure if these buses are still running.

You should be able to find buses that go to Yiwu at some of the long distance bus stations in Shanghai - for example, Shanghai Changtu Qiche Keyun Zong Zhan (Shanghai Long Distance Bus Passenger Station General), Shanghai Changtu Keyun Nan Zhan (Shanghai Long Distance Passenger Transportation Southern Station), Taipingyang Keyun Zhan (Taipingyang Passenger Transportation Station), etc.

Quite a few trains go from Shanghai to Yiwu. Some of them depart from Shanghai Railway Station (Shanghai Huoche Zhan) while some others take off at Shanghai Southern Raiway Station (Shanghai Huuoche Nan Zhan). To get to Shanghai Railway Station, you take Airport Shuttle Line 5. To get Shanghai Southern Railway Station, you take Airport Shuttle Line 7. If you want to use the city's subway system, you can take the Maglev train at the airport, which will take you (at the speed of 400 km per hour) to Longyang Subway Station; you can then go from there to your destinations in the city.