China Travel Answer

Q: What is the distance between Beijing and Guillin? What are means of transportation? How long does it take to see the main attractions in Guilin?

By railway the distance between Beijing and Guilin is 2,145 km (1,340 ml). Train travel time ranges from 23 to 28 hours.

One can also fly from Beijing to Guilin. Flight time is about three hours. The airport that serves Guilin is Liangjiang Airport.

If you do not have a whole lot time, you can tour the main sites in the Guilin area in about two days - one day to see some sights in Guilin and one day to do the Lijiang cruise. There are, however, some beautiful attractions beyond the most often toured. Some people would, for instance, make a trip to Longsheng, which is known for its impressive terraced rice paddy views and hot springs. Not too far away, in Xingan County, is Ling Qu or Ling Canal, which was initially built over two thousand years ago. Activities like this will keep you in the area for a couple of more days at least. A stroll in the evening down the bars-and-restaurants-lined West Street in Yangshuo, which is at the end of the Li River cruise, is also an favorite activity for many tourists.