China Travel Answer

Q: Hi China Travel Advice. A friend with the wife want to travel to China for business purpose for the first time. They both have an ineternational passport. Please what are other documents required of them? What will be the cost of their budget including airfair and others? they are only staying for a week. What do you advice concerning getting a good company they can pattener with over there in china? They are into iron building materials, etc.

What is an international passport? In any event, all those who want to visit China need to have visa to enter the country. Visitors should apply for their visa at the Chinese diplomatic or consular missions closest to them. Those who travel to China for sightseeing apply for L Visa, which is for tourists. Those who are going to China to do business apply for F Visa, which is the visa for business. If you apply for a business visa, you probably need invitation letters from your business partners in China or some documents of that nature. If you travel to China to explore business opportunities, a tourist visa would work for you too as it also gives you at least 30 days in China. Contact the Chinese embassy or consulate in your country to get more detailed information on visa application. There will be a little fee to get your visa.

As for airfare, it depends from where you're going for China. It may cost as much as US$1,200-$1,500. If you book early, it may cost less.

As for accommodation, $100-$120 a day will you get you a very nice hotel room. For $50-$60 a day you still get to stay at decent hotels. A one-way flight between two Chinese cities costs anywhere from $60-$200, depending on where you're leaving and going of course.

Food in China does not cost all that much. You can have a nice meal consisted of a couple of dishes for $10 or so. If it's a banquet, it's a different story naturally. If you do nothing fancy, you can get by with $30 a day. More important is the health issue. Make sure you drink only boiled or bottled water. So on and so forth.

Train and bus travel is less expensive than flight. For local transportation, in Beijing, 10 Chinese dollars ($1.30 or so) get you three km in a taxi. The you pay two Chinese dollars for every additional kilometer. So if it is a 20 km trip in a cab, that will cost about 50 Chinese dollars.

As for business cooperation, you should definitely do your research beforehand. There are many economic opportunities in China today, but actually seizing these opportunities and making something out of them is still hard work. You should not expect to accomplish a great deal by staying in China for one week unless you have done all the possible preparation prior to your visit.