China Travel Answer

Q: Can I buy soft sleeper tickets for the train from Guangzhou to Xiamen from the USA over the internet. If not how can I get them in advance.

We're not aware of tickets sold online for trains in China. In China generally travelers can purchase their train tickets seven days or so in advance, but these tickets are sold in cities where the travelers are going board the train. It's a good idea to secure train tickets before hand because sometimes train tickets can be hard to come by. If you want to get your train tickets in advance and you do not have a whole lot time to spend in your train-departing city, you may ask some friend or agency to take care of it for you. Many hotels also assist their guests in purchasing train tickets, for a small service fee. So you're going to stay in the train-departing city for a night or so, maybe you can contact your hotel to see if they can help you with the purchase of train tickets from Guangzhou to Xiamen.

By railway the distance between Guangzhou and Xiamen is 850 km (530 ml). Train travel time is 13 to 14 hours. You should get sleeping berths on the train for the trip. The trains bound for Xiamen depart from Guangzhou Dong Zhan (Guangzhou East Railway Station) instead of Guangzhou Zhan (Guangzhou Railway Station). Double-check to make sure.