China Travel Answer

Q: What is the fastest way, and what is the most economical way, to get from Ningbo to Macau? Thank you!

The fastest way to travel from Ningbo to Macau would be to fly. There do not seem to be direct flights from Ningbo to Macau. The mainland Chinese city closest to Macau is Zhuhai, but there does not seem to be direct flights between Ningbo and Zhuhai either. You can, however, fly either to Guangzhou or Hong Kong. There are daily flights from Ningbo to Hong Kong and to Guangzhou. Flight time is two hours. A one-way flight from Ningbo to Guangzhou costs about 700 Chinese dollars (US$100). From Guangzhou it is a bus ride of about two hours to Macau. From Hong Kong you can go by ferry or a hydro jet boat to get to Macau in an hour or so.

You can also first travel from Ningbo to Shanghai and then fly from Shanghai to Macau. If you take train and arrive at Shanghai Railway Station, you can take a shuttle bus there, which will take you to Pudong Airport. The flight from Shanghai to Macau may cost 1,100 Chinese dollars or so.

Alternatively, you can travel by train from Ningbo to Guangzhou. The distance covered is approximately 1,800 km (1,125 ml). Train travel time is 22 hours. You'll need a sleeping berth for the trip. If you go by a soft sleeping berth, the cost is about 500 Chinese dollars.

There are also long dinstace buses that go from Ningbo to Guangzhou (not too sure if there are buses that go from Ningbo to Zhuhai). These buses should have sleeping berths too. The cost is roughly the same to the cost of train travel from Ningbo to Guangzhou.