China Travel Answer

Q: I want to go to Yiwu & Ningbo by bus from Nanchang. Is there any direct bus from Nanchang to Ningbo? and is there any bus from Nanchang to Yiwu? what is the fare and distance?

There are bus services between Nanchang and Yiwu. You should be able to find the long distance buses at Nanchang Changtu Qiche Zhan (Nanchang Long Distance Bus Station). It is a long bus ride, though, about seven hours. Fare is around 150 Chinese dollars. Distance covered is 500 km.

You can also travel by bus from Yiwu to Ningbo. You should be able to find buses departing for Ningbo at Binwang Keyun Zhongxin (Binwang Passenger Transportation Center).

There are also train services between Nanchang and Yiwu. If you travel by one of the faster trains, it takes a little more than three hours from Nanchang to Yiwu. If you take one of the low trains, it takes eight hours. By rail the distance between Nanchang and Yiwu is 500 km (310 ml). Fare for the faster train is about 180 Chinese dollars.

There are also train services between Yiwu and Ningbo. The distance between Yiwu and Ningbo is about 300 km. Train travel time between these two cities is approximately four hours. There is no direct train service between Nanchang and Ningbo. In other words, if you travel train, you go from Nanchang to Yiwu first, and then make a train connection in Yiwu to go on to Ningbo. In your case this should work out fine since you want to visit both Yiwu and Ningbo.