China Travel Answer

Q: Am I allowed to check bottled water in luggage from USA so I'll have a little after such a long flight or is it readily available at airport in Beijing?

You probably won't be able to pass security check with bottles of water as you board plane in the U.S. (that is if you take them as carry-ons; don't know what happens if you put them in your check-in luggage). The point is that you do not need to do so as you should be able to find drinking water at the airport in Beijing. Plus the airport is just about an hour outside Beijing and you of course will have water while you are on your plane.

You should also be able to find bottle water as you travel around in China. It is a good idea, however, to buy your bottled water at stores or stalls that look decent. This is to avoid fakes, etc.

Among the better-known brands of bottled water in China are Nongfu Shanquan ("Farmer Mountain Spring") and Wahaha ("Happy Baby").

Since you're asking about bottled water, you must know already that in China you don't drink tap water unless it is boiled. In any event, it is advisable to bring with you some anti-diarrhea medicine.