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Q: Are there some buses from Shenzhen to Shantou? We going to stay in Best Western Felicity Hotel. Are there any bus stations nearby? What are their schedules and fees?

There are buses that go from Shenzhen to Shantou. They depart from a number of stations in Shenzhen, including Luohu (Lo Wu) Bus Station, which is located close to Shenzhen Railway Station. Shenzhen Felicity Hotel, located at 1085 Heping Road, is in Luohu District and a short distance from Luohu long distance bus station (Luohu Keyun Qiche Zhan - Luohu Passenger Bus Station).

The distance between Shenzhen and Shantou is about 400 km (250 ml). Bus travel time is around four hours. There should be multiple buses departing for Shantou during the day. Make sure you get on an express bus that go by the freeway and dooes not make local stops. Fare is about 150 Chinese dollars.

Make sure you get on a bus that go by the freeway and do not make those local stops.

There is also train service from Shenzhen to Shantou. It is a circuitous route, however, and train travel time is about eight hours.