China Travel Answer

Q: What is the distance between Hong Kong and Wenzhou? How would I get from Hong Kong to Wenzhou? How long would it take and how much would it cost?

The fastest way to get from Hong Kong to Wenzhou is to fly. There are flights between the two cities operated by China Eastern Airlines. The flight lasts about two hours.

By highway the distance between Hong Kong and Wenzhou is roughly 1,400 km (875 ml). One can travel by bus from Hong Kong to Wenzhou (first cross border and enter shenzhen and then go on from there to Wenzhou). Given the distance, however, it is going to be a rather long bus ride.

There is no direct train link between Hong Kong and Wenzhou. One can first travel (by bus or train) to Guangzhou, which is about two hours from Hong Kong, and then get on a train to Wenzhou there. It takes about 22 hours to get from Guangzhou to Wenzhou. So travelers need to get sleeping berths for the trip. Train tickets may be difficult to come by; so one should make arrangements beforehand to avoid delays.

A one-way flight between Hong Kong and Wenzhou may cost up to 1,300 Chinese dollars (about US$200). A one-way train ride between Guangzhou and Wenzhou, in a soft sleeping berth, costs about half of the flight. A bus ride costs a little less than the train ride.