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Q: Could you please advise the best way from Suzhou to Mt Huangshan? Then the best route from Mt Huangshan to Hangzhou? Including departure and arrival times. Thank you.

There are train services from Suzhou to Huangshan. By rail the distance is about 600 km (400 miles) and train ride time is about 10 hours. There are a couple of trains to choose from. One of them leaves Suzhou in the afternoon and arrive at Huangshan about midnight. Another leaves about midnight and arrive the next morning.

One can also travely by bus from Suzhou to Huangshan.

There are no direct train services between Huangshan and Hangzhou. A freeway that links Huangshan and Hangzhou was recently completed, so one can travel by car or by bus between the two destinations. Travel time is approximately 3 hours.

Huangshan is a mountain. Now it is also the name of a city that comprises of three districts (Tunxi, Huizhou, and Huangshan) and four counties. Tunxi is the "metropolitan" area of the Huangshan city, which is a bus ride of one and a half hour from the Huangshan scenic area (the nearest town is Tangkouzhen, "Tangkou Town", which is at the foot of Mt. Huangshan). Some tourists stay overnight in the Huangshan scenic area while others choose to stay in hotels in Huangshan City (Tunxi) where accommodation is a little cheaper. But then they have take buses to get from the city to the scenic area. There are buses that go directly from the Huangshan scenic area to Hangzhou. There are also buses that depart from the city (Tunxi) and travel to Hangzhou. So depending on where you're after your tour of Hangshan, you can either take a bus at the foot of Huangshan or take a bus in the Huangshan City (Tunxi) to go to Hangzhou. There should be quite some buses departing during the day.

"Huangshan" literally means "Huang Mountain", so strictly speaking it should be "Mt. Huang" instead of "Mt. Huangshan". Of course, many people often say "Mt. Huangshan" rather than "Mt. Huang".