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Q: How many km is Nantong to Guanzhou and what is price for plane?

We assume that by "Guanzhou" you meant "Guangzhou" (spelling) and by Nantong you referred to Nantong in Jiangsu Province.

There is Quanzhou ("Q" instead of "G")in Fujian Province, which is a smaller city than Guangzhou. There do not seem to direct flights beteween Nantong and Quanzhou. Nor direct train service.

If you meant "Guangzhou".... Land distance between Nantong and Guangzhou is approximately 2,000 km. It is too far to travel by bus, and there is no direct train service between the two cities. If you want to travel by train, you have travel to a city near Nantong first, and then get on a train to Guangzhou.

There are daily flights between Nantong and Guangzhou, operated by China Southern Airlines. Flight time is about two hours. Fares vary significantly based on when you fly and when you purchase your ticket; an one way ticket may be in the range of 900-1,200 Chinese dollars.

The airport that serves Nantong is called Xingdong Airport. Tel. for the airport: (0513) 8656 0050.