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Q: I have decided to make the trip from Wenzhou to Hong Kong by coach. What is the price to go from Wenzhou to Shenzhen by bus? Then from shenzhen to Hong Kong by bus? In all how many hours will it take?

Traveling from Wenzhou to Shenzhen by coach costs about 300 Chinese dollars. Quality of coaches vary, some with sleeping berths. Highway distance between Wenzhou and Shenzhen is about 1,300 km or 800 miles, and travel time is about 15 hours.

Shenzhen is right next door to Hong Kong. Not too sure how to travel by bus from Shenzhen to Hong Kong (China Travel Service Hong Kong does operate bus services between Hong Kong and Guangzhou). It is quite convenient to go by train. If your bus from Wenzhou arrive somewhere close to Shenzhen Railway Station, you'll find Lo Wu (Luo Hu) Border Cross nearby. You cross border and go through the customs, and you'll find the train from Lo Wu to Hung Hom station in Kowloon. The train ride lasts about 40 minutes and does not cost a whole lot, 30 to 60 dollars.