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Q: I want to travel to Hong Kong from wenzhou.I see there is no direct train,so I think travelling to Shenzhen by coach is a better way.Do we have direct coach from wenzhou to shenzhen?Then how to travel from shenzhen to Hong Kong? Do we need a special visa?

Some time ago a company introduced a direct coach service between Wenzhou and Hong Kong. It is not clear if that is still in operation. Although this is called direct service, passengers still have to get off the bus to go through the border cross to enter Hong Kong; they will board a bus waiting on the other side of the border go on to Hong Kong. In practice this is not so different from taking a bus to Shenzhen, crossing the border, and then taking a train to Kowloon.

Buses in Wenzhou bound for Shenzhen depart from a number of bus stations, including the New Southern Bus Station (Xin Qiche Zhan Nan Zhan). The highway distance between Wenzhou and Shenzhen is approximately 1,300 km, so the bus ride lasts over ten hours. Get off the bus at Shenzhen Luohu Passenger Bus Station (Shenzhen Luohu Keyun Zhan) or Shenzhen Railway Station (the two places are close to each other). The Luohu (Lo Wu) Border Cross is right nearby. Go through the border check and customs and then take a train on the other side that goes to Kowloon. Travel time from Luohu (Lo Wu) to Kowloon is about 40 minutes.

Citizens of many countries can enter Hong Kong and stay in Hong Kong for up to 90 days without visa. You should check to see if your country is one of these countries. Since you'll be traveling from Wenzhou, you must have a mainland China visa already. Remeber if you have an one-entry China visa, you cannot reenter mainland China from Hong Kong without a new visa. One can apply for a China visa in Hong Kong.

You could also travel by train first to Guangzhou and then make a connection there to travel on to Hong Kong, either by train or by bus. It is a rather long train ride, about 22 hours; you'll need a sleeping berth. From Guangzhou to Hong Kong it is a trip of about two hours.

The fastest way to travel between Wenzhou and Hong Kong is to fly. China Eastern Airlines operte flights between the two cities. Flight time is about hours.