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Q: Dear Sirs, Can you please give me a list of Indian in Wenzhou and Taizhou.

Even though Wenzhou and Taizhou have significant economic connections to the outside world, they're still relatively small cities, so there are not a whole lot of foreign restaurants there. (Foregin cuisine tend to be more expensive in China. Well, Chinese food seems to be on the cheap side anywhere in the world, even though it tastes pretty good)

Anyway, in Wenzhou, there is an Indian restaurant named Taj Mahal. In Chinese it is called Tajimaha, and also Yindu Canting (India Restaurant). It is locaated at No. 532-534 Nanpu Lu (Nanpu Road). Telephone no.: 0577-88117899. It seems to have an Indian owner and the employees are Chinese. It costs about 70-100 Chinese dollars per person.