China Travel Answer

Q: For deluxe soft sleeper to stop along way and enjoy sites from Guangzhou to Beijing over a period of 7 days, what is the best way to reserve train pass for two people?

It is unlikely that on your own you can purchase a package of train tickets from Guangzhou to Beijing with stops on the way. The way train tickets are sold, one can only purchase one leg of a trip at a time. Suppose you plan to travel from Guangzhou to Beijing with stops in Changsha and Wuhan (detour to the Three Gorges Dam? Probably not enough time for you to do the Three Gorges Cruise itself). You'll have to first purchase the train ticket from Guangzhou to Changsha, stop over in Changsha and tour the area, and, while you're there, purchase the train ticket from Changsha to Wuhan. When you're in Wuhan, purchase the ticket from Wuhan to Beijing. It is possible to purchase train tickets in advance (by about 7 days), but tickets are available only in the departure city. In the scenario described above, tickets must be purchased in Guangzhou, Changshan, and Wuhan respectively. If you have some agency or friends assist you with this, you can arrange to have the needed tickets purchased in advance and waiting for you when you arrive in your stop-over cities. Often train tickets are hard to come by, especially the sleeper tickets.