China Travel Answer

Q: I want to go to Shishi. I'm traveling first to Hong Kong, then Ningbo, and Shishi. Please tell me the fastest way and cheap way going to Shishi

Hong Kong, Shishi, and Ningbo are ally located on the coast of China, with Hong Kong to the southwest, Shishi in the middle, and Ningbo to the northwest.

There are flights between Hong Kong and Ningbo. Flight time is about two hours. You can also first travel from Hong Kong to Guangzhou (by bus or train, about two hours) and then take a train in Guangzhou that goes to Ningbo. Train ride time from Guangzhou to Ningbo is over 21 hours. Due to the distance, you should get a sleeping berth. Depending on what ticket you get, fare is anywehre from 300 to 600 Chinese dollars. Flying costs more.

There is no direct train service from Ningbo to Shishi. If one makes a train connection on the way, one can travel to a city close to Shishi. If one travels by long distance bus, ride time will be over ten hours. There are flights from Zhoushan - an island some distance outside Ningbo - to Quanzhou Jinjiang Airport, which is close to Shishi. One needs to figure out how to get to Zhoushan from Ningbo. The flight may cost 800 Chinese dollars.

There are flights from Quanzhou Jinjiang Airport to Shenzhen, which is about an hour to Hong Kong.