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Q: Can you please advise name of airline that flies from Wuhan, China to Lahore, Pakistan and also where can i find the flight schedule?

Pakistani International Airline operates flights from Lahore to Beijing, Urumqi, and Hong Kong. If you travel by this airline, you can to any of the cities listed above, and fly on to Wuhan. A number of airlines operate flights from these cities to Wuhan. For example, from Hong Kong to Wuhan, China Southern Airline and Dragonair; from Urumqi to Wuhan, China Eastern Airline; from Beijing to Wuhan, China Airline, China Southern Airline, China Eastern Airline. You can find Pakistani International Airline here: Check out their schedules.

Other airlines also operate flights ou of Lahore. You sill need to make connecitons. Thai Airways, for instance, operate flights from Lahore to Bangkok and then on to Beijing, Shanghai, or Xiamen.