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Q: 1)Is there a bus service from Hangzhou to Wuhan? 2)Is there a bus service from Hangzhou to Wenzhou? 3)How far apart are Wenzhou and Shenzhen?

One can travel by long distance bus from Hangzhou to Wuhan, but it is going to be a long and not very comfortable ride. By highway the distance between Hangzhou and Wuhan is approximately 800 km (500 miles). Mostly, in China, when people go on long tirps, they choose train over bus. One can purchase a ticket for a sleepng berth on a train. There are long distance buses with sleeping berths too, but it's somewhat different. Bus is cheap and therefore the choice of the less affluent.

By railway the distance between Hangzhou and Wuhan is about 1,000 km. Train ride time between the two cities range from 8 to 13 hours, depending on which train you travel.

One can travel by bus from Hangzhou to Wenzhou. It's a trip of four to five hours.

By train, the distance between Hangzhou and Wenzhou is about 450 km. Travel time is seven to eight hours.

The distance between Wenzhou and Shenzhen is about 940 km. The fastest way to travel from Wenzhou to Shenzhen is to fly. There is no direct train service between Wenzhou and Shenzhen. If you go by train, you need to make a connection in Guangzhou. There are bus services, but it is just too long a distance to travel that way.