China Travel Answer

Q: I want to travel from Guangzhou to Wenzhou. Could you advise on ways to make the trip? By plane, train, or bus?

By railway the distance between Guangzhou and Wenzhou is approximately 1,660 km (1,000 miles). There are train services between the two cities. A train ride lasts about 22 hours. If you travel by train, you'll need a sleeping berth for the journey.

A number of Chinese airlines operate flights between Guangzhou and Wenzhou, including Air China, China Southern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, and Shanghai Airlines. Flight time between Guangzhou and Wenzhou is about one and forty minutes.

Flying generally costs more than traveling by train.

There are also long distance bus services between Guangzhou and Wenzhou. But it would be a long bus trip, which lasts about 15 hours. It is actually not long as a train ride timewise, but not as comfortable. A bus ride from Guangzhou to Wenzhou costs about the same or a little less than a train ride in a sleeping berth.