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Q: I was just wondering what the name is and where is the best noodle house to go to in Zhengzhou? Thanks!

It is hard to say which noodle shop in Zhengzhou is the best, but the following are a few notable noodle restaurants in Zhengzhou that you may want to check out.

Heji Huimian. the name means "Company's noodle" - the shop was initially set up in the 1950s by a few partners. It is a chain. Known for its lamb soup noodles. The main location is on Remin Road, a few blocks away from Erqi Jinian Ta (Februrary 7 Monument).

Xiaoji Sanxian Huimian. The name means "Xiao's three-fresh noodle." "Three-fresh" here refers to the seafood that that is cooked together with lamb noodles. Set up in the 1980s, the restaurant today is also run as a chain. The main location is on Huozhan Beijie, and one can also find a couple of them on Chengdong Nanlu, close to the intersection of Dongsanhuan (East Third Beltway) and Nansanhuan (South Third Beltway).

Yangji Qingfang Niurou Lamian. The name means "Yang's beef noodle." "Qingfang" are two characters from the names of the young couple who opened the restaurant in 1982. A chain now, with many locations.

Caiji Zhengjiao ("Cai's steamed dumplings"). As the name indicates, this is not a noodle house but a restaurant that specializes in steamed dumplings. Located near February 7 Monument.