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Q: Bus from Xiamen to Quanzhou - how much, how to book, at what bus station/terminal? How to get to popular food street?

From Xiamen to Quanzhou it is 108 km (67 miles). One can catch buses to Quanzhou at several long distance bus stations in Xiamen - for example, Jimei Lonng Distance Bus Station (Jimei Changtu Qiche Zhan), Songbai Long Distance Bus Station (Songbai Changtu Qiche Zhan), and Hubin Long Distance Bus Station (Hubin Changtu Qiche Zhan). Bus fare is not much, dozens of Chinese dollars.

As is the case with any city in China, you'll find numerous restaurants in Quanzhou. If by "food street" you mean a particular street where there is a high concentration of restaurants, there is meishi jie (literally "good food street"). Meishi jie is not the name of the street; in many Chinese cities there are such streets where a large number of restuarants are set up so that they can attract patrons together. In Quanzhou, you'll find quite some restaurants in the center of the city, roughly where you find the intersections of Tumen Jie (Tumen Street) and Wenling Beilu (Wenling North Road). It is close to Fengze Guangchang (Fengze Square).