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Q: Could you advise on transportation from Wenzhou airport to University of Wenzhou Hotels?

The airport that serves Wenzhou is Yongqiang Airport. It is less than 20 km away from Wenzhou University, assuming it is the Chashan Campus of the university that you're going to visit. The easy way would be to go by taxi, which should take you directly to your destination. Taxi fare in Wenzhou is about 2.6 yuan per kilometer.

There are also shuttle buses that connect the airport and the city of Wenzhou. The shuttle passes by Wenzhou University on its way to downtown Wenzhou. But then you have to use other means of transportation to get to the particular destination. Also make sure the bus will make a stop as it goes through the neighborhood of U. of Wenzhou.

Wenzhou University in Chinese is Wenzhou Daxue. The university could trace its history back to 1933, when Wenzhou Normal School was established. It has a student population of 24,000.