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Q: Is there any methodist church or any other church near Wenzhou Medical College?

There is a sizable Christian population in Wenzhou and neighboring region, and there are quite a few Christian churches in Wenzhou. The oldest seems to be Chengxi Jiaotang (literally "City West Church," West Urban Cathedral), originally built by an American missionary in 1878 and re-built in 1898. Address: No. 73, Chengxi Street, Wenzhou, Zhejiang 325000. Tel.: 0577?8290872. Another church, one near the downtown location of Wenzhou Medical College (not the Chashan campus), is Puxieshi Jiaotang (Puxieshi Church), located at No. 158, Puxieshi Street, Wenzhou, with tel. 8884 4857. A church that is close to the Chashan campus of WMC is on Qifeng Lu (Qifeng Road), a couple of blocks up the road from Nan Baixiang Post Oiffice.

Religion is a sensitive subject in China nowadays. The government has no problem with people practicing their faith but is high-strung about any kind of political and agitation. There are churches officially registered with the Chinese government, and there are secret, "underground churches" which the government considers illegal. Nothing prevents foreign visitors from going to the legal churches, etc., but they’re not supposed to proselytize on their own. For further information on the political aspect of Christianity in Wenzhou, see this article in the Washington Post.