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Q: Hi, do you know any good attraction places in Ruian City, Wenzhou? Also is there any muslim food there?

Ruian is located on the eastern coast of China. With a total population of over million, Ruian is part of Wenzhou City in Zhejiang Province. The major transportation route in the region is the freeway that connects Taizhou, Ruian, and Wenzhou.

Although not a major tourist destination in itself, Ruian does have some scenic areas and attractions. Among the scenic areas are Zhailiaoxi, Shengjingshan, Meilongxi, Tongxi, Tongpandao, Longjin, and Wolongxia. Tourist attractions include traditional villiage Linyang, Yuhai folk culture district, Shanhuang ancient village, and Longshan Park. There is also a forest park in the region, the Huayan National Forest Park. A river, Feiyunjiang, flows through the city.

Among the notable historical sites in Ruian is Yuhailou (Jade Ocean Hall), which is a private library, initially founded in 1888 by the Sun family that was well known in the region. A small compound not too far away from Yuhailou used to be the site of a local medical institute - Liji Yiyao Tang (Liji Medical Institute), which was originally established in the 1880s. Shipengmu are located 18 km outside Ruian; these are two stone tombs that date back over two thousand years.

In Ruian there are a few restaurants for Muslims (in China they're called "Qingzhen", meaning "pure and true"). There is one in Wansong Dasha (Wansong Building) on Wansong Road. There are some Muslims living in Ruian, who congregate in what can be described as a temporary mosque.