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Q: What does Shishi Clothing City have? Is it like Fumin Market in Humen City? How to reach there by bus, train, air, etc.? All information about Shishi Garment whole markets and other whole markets in Guangdong please.

Shishi Clothing City is a whole sale market that was opened in 2005. It claims over 1,000 businesses currently operating at the site. The market is in the second phase of construction, when finished, it can house over 4,000 businesses. The market is consisted of four buidlings, respectively featuring clothes for men, women, boys and girls. How this market differs from others is hard for us to say.

In Guangdong Province, one will find some clothing wholesale cities in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Humen and others. In Guangzhou, for examples, some of such markets are located near Guangzhou railway station - including Baimai Dasha, Heima Dasha, Bubugao Wholesale Market, Liuhua Wholesale Market, Guohong Dasha, Shisanhang, etc. Some of these markets are known for their brand-name goods, some aim for mdi-price products while concentrate on inexpensive goods. In Shenzhen, there are Hongxiu Clothing City, China Clothing City, CBD City, Huanan Market City, etc.

In Fujian Province, in addition to Shishi, Fuzhou is also an important center of wholesale clothing goods.

The larger cities close to Shishi are Jinjiang, Quanzhou and Xiamen. Shishi is about 20 km away from Jinjiang airport and about an hour away from Xiamen airport. The distance from Guangzhou to Shishi is about 700 km. By bus travel time is about 6 hours; by plane, one hour. The distance between Fuzhou to Shishi is about 220 km.