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Q: Would like to know if there is Muslim food available in Wenzhou. I am to travel for BDS program in Wenzhou Medical College. Could you also guide me which cellular company is best there and how much it would cost pre paid or post paid.

The Muslims in China are known as "Hui Min" (Hui people). Their food is called Qing Zhen (literally, "pure and true"). There are some Muslim restaurants in Wenzhou, even though not many. Resturants of this type generally have Qing Zhen before their names. There are some Qingzhen noodle shops in Wenzhou, which tend to be run by Huimin from Northwestern China. For instance, there is this noodle shop called Qing Zhen Lanzhou Ramian Daoxuemian, located at No. 114 Xiechixiang. Government officials in Wenzhou recently went on a tour of inspection on Qing Zhen food and services in the region. This is largely due to the fact that in recent years many Muslims or Huimin have come to Wenzhou to do business. Across road from Wenzhou Railway Station there is a mosque, which is set up those migrants and which is actually called Wenzhou Linshi Qingzhen Si - Wenzhou Temporary Islamic Mosque.

Here is an online source that may be useful to you:

This is the Arabic version of a Chinese website for Chinese Muslims. Notice the spelling of "musilin" in its web site address; this is Chinese spelling for Muslim.

Mobile communication is a highly competitive market in China. Major companies that operate networks are China Mobile and China Unicom. Very often you can just buy a card to put in your cellphone, which, depending how much you paid, will give you certain minutes of callling time. Once you run out, you can recharge your card. So the way it works is very flexible. Local calls may cost you 0.50 Chinese dollar (US$0.07) a minute. Domestic long distance calls cost you 0.30 Chinese dollar per minute. For international calls, if you dial 17911, local call cost plus 3.00 Chinese dollars or so per minute (it varies depending on destination country).