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Visit Shanghai or Beijing

Q: I'm coming to China for a graduation trip. I'm arriving in Hong Kong late May and staying for two weeks. I originally wanted to go to Beijing for the second week then travel back to Hong Kong to catch my flight back to the states.

Food and Luggage While Traveling on Trains in China

Q: Do they serve complimentary food on the train or do you have to pay for it? Are you only allowed in your cabin or do they have other places for you to sit when you dont wanna stay in your room? Is there space for alot of luggage?

Buy train ticket from Hong Kong to Beijing

Where can i purchase my tickets for a train from Hong Kong to Beijing and is the Deluxe Soft Sleeper really comfortable to be in for 25 hours? Also, where can i go to view pictures of how the trains and inside look?

Train fare from Hong Kong to Beijing

Q: Can anyone give me the american price for a train ticket from Hong Kong to Beijing?

Fast and Inexpensive Ways to travel from Hong Kong to Beijing

Q: What is the quickest and most inexpensive way of me traveling from Hong Kong to Beijing roundtrip?

Hong Kong to Meixian on 16 oct 2008

Q: We need to reach meixian before 3pm on 17 oct. We will reach hkong on 16 oct at 2 to 3pm. Which is the fastest and most comfortable means of transport to Meixian from Hkong? We have checked, there is no flight to Meixian from Hongkong or Shenzhen on 16 oct and 17 oct.

Travel by train from gzhou to meixian

Q: What is the most comfortable and fastest train to go to Meixian?

Pronounce names of two rivers

Q: How do you pronounce the names of the Chanhe and Bahe Rivers?

Transportation Guangdong and Zhejiang

Q: i want to visit guandong and jhejiang from hongkong could u please suggest me the cheapest way.

Shen Zhen Landing Visa

Q: I am holding Malaysian passport and intend to enter shenzhen from Hong Kong. Can i get landing visa in shenzhen? (I heard due to olympics, they have pulled out the landing visa to shenzhen). My travelling date is Oct. 1, 2008. Thanks.

About F-visa with 0 entry

Q: I have my new F-visa issued at entry-exit division in dongguan, I was about to renew my Z-visa thru the company support (w/ complete document) but they only give me F-visa with 0 entry, Is there any possible way for me to enter in china again once I exit? thanx n advanz

Beijing Train Station for route to/from Nantong

Q: Which Beijing train station does Z-Sleeper (Z52) train from Nantong, Jiangsu, would stop at? Beijing West Train Station or Beijing Train Station or elsewhere? Thank you.

Train prices from Shanghai to Yiwu

Q: What are the train ticket prices from Shanghai to Yiwu? And how and from where can I buy a train ticket?

Beijing accommodation and airport

Q: I intend to stay in Beijing within the Beihai Park-Gulou area in my next trip. How bad is inner Beijing city traffic could be in the morning?

Z-Class Sleeper Train from Nantong to Beijing

Q: I intend to travel by night train from Nantong to Beijing. How many days exactly in advanced now that one can buy the Z-Class Sleeper Train ticket from the date of the travel? Any other advice with respect to train ticket buying in China would be much appreciated.

Bus from Yiwu to Hong Kong?

Q: Hello, I would like to know if there is any bus from Yiwu to Hongkong; if yes how much time it takes to reach there and what is the fare from Yiwu to hong kong.