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Distances among Hong Kong, Guilin, Xian, Shanghai and Beijing

Q: I would like to know the following distances for a trip I am planning: Hong Kong to Guilin, Guilin to Xi'an, Xi'an to Shanghai, and Shanghai to Beijing.

Bus from Shenzhen to Shantou

Q: Can you provide me info on buses from Shenzhen Airport to Shantou, the cost? And how to booking the ticket.

Travel from Beijing to Gangzhou

Q: 1. Is Gangzhou and Guangzhou mean one and the same? Or they are two different cities? 2. How long does it to take to reach Gangzhou by train from Beijing? 3. How long does it to take to reach Gangzhou by Air from Beijing?

Bus from Hong Kong to Meizhou

Q: Is there bus service from Hong Kong Airport to Meizhou? If not, then is there any bus from Kowloon to Meizhou? If yes, give me the name and address of the bus erminal/station where I can start the ride. Thanks.

Travel from Macau to Meixian

Q: Is there any bus/train from macau to Meixian? please give me the detail. How long is the trip? and how much is the cost?

Tour Harbin from Guangzhou

Q: Are there any package tours to Harbin leaving from Guangzhou? Which agency should i contact?

Travel by Train, Plane and Bus from Guangzhou to Xiamen

Q: How can i get from Guangzhou to Xiamen by train and bus and airplane? How far is guangzhou from xiamen?

Transportation by Air from Harbin and Beijing to Tongliao

Q: How to get to Tongliao, Inner Mongolia, by air from Harbin and Beijing?

While you can get to Tongliao from Harin by trai, maybe bus, there are no flights between Harbin and Tongliao.

Travel from Rizhao to Yiwu in China

Q: Could you tell me about the easiest way to travel from Rizhao to Yiwu in China? By train, bus, plane? How long does it take? Thanks.

Transportation from Harbin to Daqing and Tongliao

Q: How to reach from Harbin to Tongliao and Daqing?

Distance from Hong Knog to Guanzhou to Yiwu city

Q: How far are Guanzhou and Yiwu city from Hong Kong? Can we travel by train to these places? How long will it take, and lastly, do we need Chinese visa?

Day trip to China

Q: We are visiting Hong Kong for 5 days in January 2009. We would like to hire a car in Hong Kong and take a day trip into China (Shenzhen). What would we need to do this?

Teach English in Japan

Q: I'm currently in the US. I graduate this upcoming May 09. I'm looking to teach English in Japan. Does anyone one know of any recruiters or programs I could go through?

How much time needed to tour Qufu and Mt Tai?

Q: I have two days to travel outside Beijing. Would this be enough time to tour Qufu and Mt. Tai? Including the time to trave from and back to Beijing, it would be three days.

Trains between Jinan and Xuzhou

Q: Kindly advise the trains schedule daily from Jinan to Xuzhou and Xuzhou to Jinan.

Distance and Transportation from Hangzhou to Dongguan

Q: How far is it from Hangzhou to Dongguan and how would you travel? Is there a train, taxi or do you fly to get there?