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Evening Train from Shanghai to Yiwu

Q: I want to take train in the evening about 8.30 pm to get from shangai to Yiwu, a fast train.

We assume that by "Shangai" you meant "Shanghai".

Travel Route to Chaoyang

Q: If I wish to travel to Chaoyang (Guangdong), which airport should I stop at? And what type of transportation is vailable for me to get there from the airport?

Distances among places around Shanghai

Q: Could you tell me the distances between Qingpu and Shanghai, Qingpu and Pudong, Qingpu and Jiangsu, between Zhejiang, and Qingpu and Minhang?

Ttrain Ticket Availability

Q: I'm arriving into beijing early morning on the 23rd December 2008 and want to travel later that day to Guangzhou by train. Is it possible to buy a train ticket at the station in Beijing that day just a few hours before the train takes off? Or do tickets have to be bought days in advance?

Shopping on Tours

Q: I heard that when you go on a guided group tour, you will be led to some stores to shop. What about this? Do we get good deals or will we get ripped off?

Train Travel from HK to Yiwu

Q: I will be travelling to HK soon, and would like to visit Yiwu. Kindly advise me the train route available direct/via shenzhen.

Plan for traveling in China

Q: I am planning my trip to China. I will fly from Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam. Destinations in China are : Beijing - Shanghai - Shengzen - Guangzhou, then back to Vietnam. Can you advice me how to arrange my trip comforatably. My plan is following. From Beijing to Shanghai: by plane.

China Visa for Hong Kong and Shanghai

Q: I am a US citizen I will be flying into Hong Kong staying there for a week then heading to Shanghai. Is it true that I will need a visa as well as my passport to enter Shanghai?

Travel from Shenzhen to Shantou by train

Q: How long does it take, and how much does it take, to travel by train from Shenzhen to Shantou?

Road from Hong Kong to Chongqing

Q: Is there a direct road from Hong Kong to Chongqing, China?

Bus Schedule and Fare from Shenzhen to Nanning

Q: I need information for the train and bus schedule & fare from Shenzhen to Nanning. Your reply would appreciated very much.

Travel time from Wuhan to Shenzhen

Q: I wish to know how many hours it takes from Wuhan to Shenzen by bus and train?

Visiting Yongchun in Fujian

Q: My grandparents hometown is in Yongchun, Fujian. I am travelling Guangzhou by train, what is the best route for me to go to Yongchun. Assuming I can not locate my forgotten relatives there, in what way can I trace them while in Yongchun. What are the interesting things to see in Yongchun.

Getting landing visa in Hong Kong for Mainland China

Q: I am planning to go to China and I hold a US passport, so I want to know if I can get a landing visa to go to mainland China from Hong Kong airport.

Trains from Guilin to other Chinese cities

Q: I am going to live in Yangshuo for four months next year and I want to know how much train tickets are to travel to other cities. Is there a website that tells about cross-china train tickets and times?

Type of cell phone to use in China

Q: I'm going travel to Macau, Hongkong and Meixian. For communication I choose mobile phone. What is the provider phone that can active in Macau Hongkong and Meixian? I'll bring my mobile phone from Indonesia. It is dual band, can i use it there?