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Xian Airport Taxi charge expensive? Are they safe?

Q: I will arrive in Xian airport at 7pm in March 2009. I checked and the airport bus service stop at 6pm. I beleive i have no choice but to take the airport taxi. I need to go to Xiangzimen Youth Hostel. Do the airport taxi have standard rate charge? Do i need to bargain the taxi fare?

Markets for gentswear and Kidswear in Guangzhou & Shenzen

Q: I need to buy small quantity in various designs of gentswear and kidswear from Guangzhou & shenzen. Could you tell about some markets or companies where it could be possible? Thanks.

Travel in Wuhan and nearby area

Q: Hi, what are some of the places that one can tour in Wuhan? If not in Wuhan, some attractions that aren't too far away from the city? Thanks.

Women's Clothing-Apparels Wholesale Markets in China

Q: I am looking for wholesale sources for women's apparels. Will Shishi city be the right place to search? Are there any other cities I can find such sources?

There are quite a few Chinese cities known for their clothing wholesale markets.

Train service between Hangzhou and Wenling

Q: Is there a reliable train service that connects Hangzhou and Wenling? I will be visiting Wenling in the next few weeks and i would like to travel from Hangzhou to Wenling by train or airplane if possible.

Visit Moganshan Mountain

Q: What's the best way to get to Moganshan Mountain? What are the main attractions there? Where can we stay?

Travel to Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tiazhou, Wenzhou, Yiwu and Shanghai

Q: I intend to travel following places on a business trip: Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tiazhou, Wenzhou, Yiwu, Shanghai and back to Delhi, India. Suggest the most suitable mode & route to travel. Also Please inform: 1)Time taken? 2)How much does it cost? Thanks!

How reliable buying internet China air ticket ?

Q: I used to travel to China and used land transport to other parts of China. Now I am keen to know how to buy discounted air ticket through China website?

Distances between Kunming and Wuhan, Guilin and Zhuhau

Q: What are the distances between 1. Kunming-Wuhan 2. Guilin - Kunming 3. Zhuhau - Kunhming? Thank you.

Budget Airline in China & Translation services

Q: Which is the best budget airline in China? Do budget airlines in China offer Multi city bookings? Also are there Chinese - English translator agencies that can be contacted?

Is there a train from Bejing to Hanoi?

Q: Is there a train from Bejing to Hanoi? If yes then what are the fares and what are the timings? I have been to the Vietnam Railway website but the links dont work (as of 4 Jan 2009)?

Where can I book China train tickets?

Q: What are the most reliable sites that offer the most competitive rates to book train tickets in China? Also which are the official sites of the railways? Is it cheaper traveling by train than flying budget air lines?

Update on 010715:

Arabic restaurants in Wenzhou

Q: Are there any Arabic restaurants that sells muslim food in Wenzhou, China?

In Chinese, food for Muslims is known as Qingzhen ("Pure and True").

Travel from Guangzhou to Shantou

Q: Can I get the night bus from Guangzhou to Shantou? And what are the timings and which bus station?

How to get from Yangshou to Beihei

Q: What's the best way to travel from Yangshou to Beihei? Thanks and great site!

We assume by "Yangshou" and "Beihei" you mean "Yangshuo" and "Beihai", both of the cities in Guangxi Province.

Travel from Hong Kong to Guilin

Q: How far is it from Hong Kong to Guilin and what are the options of travel(i.e., train, bus or plane)?