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I have roughly 2 weeks to travel around China

Q: Here is my intended itinerary, though I have no idea if it's OK, because I have never been to China. I would really appreciate any comments:

Day 1-4: Shanghai (no choice here, for work). Take overnight train on night of Day 4 to Xian.

Business Trip among Hangzhou, Yiwu and Guangzhou

Q: I had bought a return ticket to Hangzhou to go to Yiwu for 5 days, specifically for a business trip..but suddenly i need to go to Guangzhou and Shenzen within the 5 days..can u advise me how should i plan my trip(using bus,train & flight) so that I will not be missing my flight at Hangzhou

Guangzhou Long Distance Bus Terminal

Q: I will be arriving in Guangzhou Airport next week and I know that there are buses to some Guangzhou Long Distance Bus Terminal. I understand that some bus terminals have business class coaches to Shantou.

Student round trip 3 weeks

Q: I am studying as an exchange student in Hong Kong. Before I leave HK I want to do an extended round trip in China. I want to see economic centres as well as rural areas (maybe all the way down to Tibet). What are your recommended places?

Bus from Shenzhen to Puning

Q: I know there is bus from Shenzhen to Shantou. Is there any bus from Shenzhen going to Puning? Thanks.

Transportation from Beijing Airport to Beijing Foreign Studies University

Q: Suppose I arrive at Beijing Capital International Airport in the evening (about 7:00 pm?), what would be the best way for me to travel to Beijing Foreign Studies University (Bei Wai)?

Things to do in Guangzhou, Chaozhou, Shantou and Xiamen

Q: If I have only 1 day each in Guangzhou, Chaozhou, Shantou & Xiamen, what is your recommended itinerary for each place?

Buy Maternity Clothes in Bulks in Guangzhou

Q: Hi, I plan to visit Guangzhou in a month's time and would like to find out where the best places to purchase maternity clothes in bulk are...

Recommended Hotels for Guangzhou, Shantou and Chaozhou

Q: I am looking at hotels for Guangzhou, Shantou & Chaozhou. Any recommendations for mid budget hotels, putting priority on shopping location and good services?

When to Buy Plane Ticket for Flight from Guangzhou to Shantou

Q: After observing the online ticket price for a period, I find that last minute domestic air tickets seem to be cheaper than those purchased in advance. Is it true?

Travelling from Guangzhou Airport to Shantou

Q: I will be arriving Guangzhou Airport at 1.30 pm and what options do I have to get to Shantou and the approximate cost?

Visit Zhouzhuang and Suzhou from Shanghai

Q: If I have a day or two to spare from my stay in Shanghai, how can I tour Zhouzhuang and Suzhou? How can I get there and get back easily? How far is Zhouzhuang from Suzhou? How can I tour the two places on one trip? Where would be a good place to eat in Suzhou?

Trains Service and Train Stations Nanjing - Hangzhou

Q: I want to travel by train from Nanjing to Hangzhou. Where does the train depart? How many railway stations are there in Nanjing? What about train stations in Hangzhou? Thank you.

Coach services from Guangzhou and Xiamen to Shantou

Q: Can you tell us about coach services from Guangzhou to Shantou and from Xiamen to Shantou?

Train soft seats and fare from Xian to Luoyang?

Q: I will reach Xian this March 09, I need informations on: 1. How much the price for soft seat train ticket (from Xian to Luoyang)? 2. The soft seat, do they have seating number which i can choose when i purchase the train tickets?

Best way to travel from Kunming to Lijiang

Q: Could you tell me what would be the best way to travel from Kunming to Lijiang in Yunnan Province? How does it take? How much does it cost? Also, how many days does it take to travel around Lijiang and visit the main scenic spots?