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Learning/practicing Chinese while travelling in China

Q: I live in Korea and will be travelling to China for 5 weeks during my winter vacation. I want to practice/learn Mandarin/putonghua while I am there. I still have a low conversational level in Chinese, but I haven't studied it for 5 or 6 years and I'm forgetting a lot.

Travelling to Shanghai-Huangshan and language barrier worries

Q: I'm hoping to be spending roughly two weeks in China next year - specifically visiting the Huangshan Province (Yellow Mountains), flying into Shanghai, and possibly up to Beijing to fly on to Japan. I have traveled before but am concerned about the language barrier issues.

Wholesale for bamboo goods around Hangzhou

Q: I would like to know: What is the best place for me to buy bamboo rug and carpets at a wholesale price? Can I find them in Yiwu or Anji? I'd also like to know the best path for me to travel to these cities when I'm coming from Hangzhou Airport?

Hong Kong to YIWU via land

Q: What is the best way of transport via land to Yiwu from Hongkong? How many hours would be the travel time? Where can I find a China application form?

Travel from Guangzhou to Taizhou

Q: Which is the best and faster way to travel from Guangzou to Taizhou? Which are the best hotels in Taizhou? There are two cities named Taizhou in China. One in Zhejiang Province, and the other in Jiangsu Province.

Travel to Guangzhou, Yiwu and Qingdao

Q: What is the best route to take from Manila, Philippines, to China - we want to go to Qingdao, Yiwu and Guangzhou. Which city do we go first? I also need to know the distances among the cities. Thanks.

Visit Guangzhou

Q: I'm travelling to Guangzhou from Hong Kong in October for the day with 5 others. We really want to ride the cable car at Baiyun Mountain and travel on the Pearl River. Are there signs in English and can we recognize the bus numbers?

Shenzhen Landing Visa

Q: I hold Indonesian pasport. I have a double entry China visa. Because I have never been to China before and I'm Indonesian so I can only get double entry visa.

Travel from Yiwu to Ningbo

Q: What is fastest method to travel from Yiwu to Ningbo? I speak no Chinese.

Hotels in central Xian

Q: What would be a good central location in Xi'an to book a hotel? We are looking for a clean boutique type, with local charm (with in room toilet/shower)... More importantly, it is so hard to figure out a location without knowing the city. We will be flying in and out of Xi'an.

Gifts to bring to China

Q: We will be traveling to Shanghai, Suzhou, Beijing, Xi'an, (and more) starting August 22nd. We were wondering if there are any sorts of small gift items that would be appreciated by local residents that we should bring along.

Long Distance Bus from Shenzhen to Yiwu

Q: Where can I get Long Distance Bus from Shenzhen to Yiwu? What is the address,Telephone Numbers & Website of Long Distance Bus Station of Shenzhen?

Coach from Hong Kong to Meizhou

Q: How do I purchase in advance my coach ticket to Meizhou from Kowloon ? I'll be arriving and staying at B P International in Kowloon the night before leaving for Meizhou the next morning.

Wholesale markets for bags

Q: Hello, I am looking for wholesale BAGS markets in China. I am interested in fashionable but affordable price items for europe ( not brand copy... though). Thanks in advance.

Hotel in Shenzhen

Q: I wish to know the name of a reasonably priced hotel for two near to the ladies retail and wholesale clothes markets in Guangzhou.

Transportation to Meizhou

Q: I would like to visit Meizhou next month. Is there any train in the morning from Shenzhen to Meizhou? If I take a bus from Shenzhen to there, is the journey safe? Thank you.