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Chinese cities with old city walls

Q: Which Chinese cities still have their old city walls? What's the main purpose of the wall? How did they work? How did they disappear?

Meaning of Name Mei Ling

Q: What does the name mei-ling mean?

Shanghai - Guilin - Hong Kong by land

Q: Thank you very much for your previous response. I only have a few days left in my way from Shanghai to Hong Kong and I don´t think that I will be able to go to Huangshan and Guilin all together. I think that I will choose Guilin and stay there for a few days.

Travel from Huangshan to Guilin

Q: How do I go from Huangshan to Guilin?

Travel to Meixan from Shanghai

Q: I'd like to visit Meixian, Guangdong from Shanghai. If I fly to GZ, are there daily flights to Meixian from Guangzhou? If I fly SH to Hong Kong, are the connecting flights to Meixian just a few times a week? Do you have the name of the airport hotel in Guangzhou or their web address?

Travel from Guilin to Yiwu

Q: I will be flying to Guilin on the Sep 16, 2010 and arriving at 10:40am from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for a week. What is the most effective and time-savy way to travel to Yiwu on the same day? If I prefer to travel by plane, what are the flight connections?

Maglev train from Shanghai to Hangzhou - how soon

Q: Heard that a maglev rail, like the one in Shanghai now, will be built between Shanghai and Hangzhou. I'm interested to know what is the schedule for the rail service to open? Anytime soon?

Train travel from Wuhan to Zhenzhen

Q: How do I get from Wuhan to zhenzhen by train?

By "Zhenzhen" you probably mean "Shenzhen", the city located between Hong Kong and Guangzhou.

Group Traveling from Hoong Kong to Meizhou

Q: We will be a group of 20 who will be travelling to MEIZHOU from hong kong from the 14 to 17 September. Can you advise what will be the best way to travel. Can we have a private bus through a travel agent or take the train. what will be the cost and the travel time. Thanks.

Shenzhen Bao'an Airport to Guangzhou

Q: I am travelling in a party of 5 Adults and 1 children.

Write May-Ling in Chinese

Q: How do you spell the name Meil-Ling or May-Ling in chinese. Or with chinese calligraphy?

Tobacco and Chinese Customs

Q: I will need to bring in more the 500 grams of smokeless tobacco to meet my needs for a 90-100 day visit, is this allowed by paying a duty? How much would the duty be? Do I simply declare it at customs and pay the tax?

Xiamen-Shantou-Guangzhou Trip

Q: This is our itinerary this Xmas. Is the quickest and safest way to go from Shantou to Guangzhou by private car? And what is the approximate cost and travel time? Thank you!

Bus Schedule from Xiamen to Shantou and Ambou

Q: What is the time schedule of express bus from Xiamen to Shantou at Hubin Station? Which bus station at Shantou do we embark? What is the time schedule of express bus from Shantou to Xiamen? How far is Shantou to Ambou (a small village near Shantou? What is the bus no. to get there?

Travel from Shanto to Jinjiang

Q: In which way can I travel from Shantou to Jinjiang?

Travel from Shanghai to Taizhou

Q: I want to go to Taizhou by bus from Shenghai and I need fair & time details.

As noted else where, there are two cities named Taizhou in China.