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How do I get from Suzhou to Changsha?

Q: How do I get from Suzhou to Changsha? Thanks for your reply.

There are no direct train or flight services between Suzhou and Changsha. You need to travel to Shanghai first and go on from there. By bus or train or bus it is a trip of 2 or 3 hours from Suzhou to Shanghai.

Starbucks in China

Q: How easily can you find a Starbucks in Chinese cities?

How far is it from Xiamen to Yiwu?

Q: I need to travel from Xiamen to Yiwu. What is the distance between the two cities? How can one go? Also how far away is Yiwu from Beijing and how should we make the trip from Yiwu to Beijing? I have about to two days for Beijing? What can I see during these two days? Many thanks for your reply.

How do you handle foreign currencies in China?

Q: Can foreign money easily excchanged in China? How do you do that? Is mainland Chinese money usable in Hong Kong?

Travel from Wuhan to Dalian

Q: What are the ways to travel from Wuhan to Dalian? What are the main attractions in Dalian and neighboring area? Thank you.

Traveling from Yiwu to Guilin

Q: Could you tell me how to get from Yiwu to Guilin? By bus, train, plane? Thanks.

You can travel by train. There are train services between Yiwu and Guilin. Trains come from Shanghai. Yiwu is one of stops as they go on to Guilin. Train ride time is 18 to 20 hours. You need a sleeping berth to make the long trip.

Direct coach service fr Hangzhou to Wenling town in Zhejiang

Q: Thank you for your answer to my earlier question on direct coach service from Hangzhou to Taizhou City earlier. I was told that there is actually direct coach service from Hangzhou to Wenling town in Zhejiang, further south of Luqiao.

From Beijing to Mt. Tai

Q: How far away is Mt. Tai from Beijing? What's the best way to get there? And how far is Qufu from Mt. Tai? How long will it take to tour the two places? Thanks!