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The best way to get to Guangdong Jieyang Quxi

Q: Hi everyone. I just found out about this blog. I am planning of bringing my father to ????????? (Guangdong Sheng Jieyang Xian Quxi Shi). He is already 77 years old. He wanted to visit the place where he lived for short while when he was very young.

Beijing tips on Great Wall

Q: Will be in Beijing with group of 4 for 1.5 days. Looking for best tips to get to Great Wall and have good experience.

Cheapest Accomodation in Yiwu and Guangzhou

Q: I would like to know the cheapest accomodation that I can find in GuangZhou and Yiwu? Preferably Hostel. Thanks.

Macau Wholesale Clothing

Q: Can you please tell me what area of Macau is good for wholesale fashion clothing? I will have just one day in Macau later this year and I need to know the best place to go.

Difference between men's clothes wholesale in Guangzho and Shi shi

Q: What is the difference between men wholesalers in Guangzhou and shi shi as the kind and the material of clothing? and which one of them is the best in men clothing wholesalers?

Travel from Wenzhou to Xiamen

Q: Does anyone knows what is the best way to go from Wenzhou to Xiamen? I have been looking on the web for a moment now and i can not find! Thank you so much!

Cheapest Accomodation in Guilin

Q: I appreciate if you could suggest the cheapest accomodations where I don't need to rely so much on transportation in Guilin, China, preferably for back packers. Thanks.

buy branded kids garment in Ghoungzhou

Q: Dear Sir, I would like to buy branded kids' garment in whole sale from Ghoungzhou. Could you please give me right market adreeses in Ghougzhou? Thanks.

wholesale markets and factories for men's wear in Guangzhou and Shishi

Q: Could you tell me the names of wholesale markets in Guangzhou for men's wear and the factories I can reach in Shishi?

Nadam Festival Yurt Accommodation at Gegentala

Q: Thanks for answering my question about the Nadam Festival and grasslands. I would like to go to Gengalata grassland for the main festival but will be with a big group that don't like doing tours so we would like to arrange our own accommodation.

Clothing cities in China

Q: What is the main clothing cities i can reach in China and what are the distances between them?

Nadaam Festival in Inner Mongolia

Q: I'm trying to find advice on the best areas to visit the Nadaam Horse Festival being held in Inner Mongolia from 25 July. I would like to stay at a yurt camp and go horse riding but I don't want to do an organised tour or visit areas that are very touristy.

Wholesale Markets for Accessory and Hair Ornament at Qingdao or Area Around

Q: Knowing that there are many Korean go to northern-east china, e.g. Qingdao for purchasing of accessory or hair ornament, can you provide me more information for that or the location of the markets. Thank you so much for your assistance.

Travel from Wuxi to Xiamen

Q: Is there a bus service between Wuxi and Xiamen. If so, do you have a schedule?

Hangzhou to Yiwu at Midnight

Q: I will arrive at hangzhou airport at 23 00 pm then plan to continue to yiwu, any bus or train at midnight?

Ancient capitals of China

Q: Which ancient capitals of China is more important, Xian, Nanjing, Luoyang, Beijing?

It depends how you look at it - whether you judge importance by the extents to which the capitals are preserved today or by the roles they played in history.