Going from Wuxi to Changsha

Q: Traveling from Wuxi to Changsha - what is the best to go between the two cities? How long will it take? I will land in Shanghai, visit Wuxi for a couple of days and then travel to Changsha.

The distance between Wuxi and Changsha is over 1,000 km. It is too long a journey to go by bus.

You can fly out of Wuxi Shuofang Airport to get to Changsha. Flight time is an hour and twenty minutes. The airport that serves Changsha is Huanghua Airport.

There is no direct train service between Wuxi and Changsha. You can first take a train in Wuxi to get to a place such as Zhuzhou, which is 50 km or so south of Changsha. You can then make your connection there, by train or bus. The train ride from Wuxi to Zhuzhou last 17 hours. You need to get a sleeping berth.

Alternatively, you can first return from Wuxi to Shanghai and then take a train in Shanghai that takes you to Changsha. Wuxi is about 125 km northwest of Shanghai and you can travel between these two cities by train or coach. There are a couple of trains that connect Shanghai and Changsha. The faster one reaches Changsha in about eight hours while it takes the slower ones to make the trip in 14 hours or so.