Distance between Wenzhou in Zhejiang and Wuxi in Jiangsu

Q: Distance between Wenzhou city, Zhejiang and Wuxi, Jiangsu please.

By highway the distance between Wenzhou and Wuxi is approximately 550 km (342 mi). That is a trip of 7 hours or so by coach. The two cities are connected with freeways. By rail, the distance between the two cities is 775 km (482 mi). If you by the faster of the two trains that connect Wenzhou and Wuxi, train ride time is 7 hours. By the slower train, 13 hours. The faster train departs from Wenzhou South Railway Station early in the morning and arrives in Wuxi in the afternoon. The slower train departs from Wenzhou Railway Station about 10:00 am and arrive in Wuxi before midnight. The trains go through Hangzhou and Shanghai. The train in the morning seems to be a nice choice. Wenzhou South Railway Station is new, built to serve faster D trains.

If you decide to go by , you should be able to find the buses at Wenzhou Bus South Station (Wenzhou Qiche Nan Zhan, some people call it New Wenzhou Bus South Station - Wenzhou Xin Qiche Nan Zhan). The bus station is located next to Wenzhou Railway Station? on Wenzhou Avenue (Wenzhou Da Dao). There may not be many Wuxi-bound departures. Ask to make sure.