Guilin Hotel and Attractions

Q: I'll be staying at New Century Hotel Guilin. I would like to know the following: - (a)What is the nearest tourist attraction around? (b)I would like to go to Li River and "Liu San Jie" area, how do i get there from my hotel? (c)What is the local delicacy around? (d)Can you recommend any affordable and delicious restaurant?

There is a New Century Hotel (Xinshiji Da Jiudian) in Guilin, and there is a New Century (Xinshiji Da Jiudian) in Yangshuo that is 65 km away from Guilin. The latter hotel is often referred to as "New Century Hotel Yangshuo (Guilin)".

New Century Hotel in Guilin is approximately 3 km north of Diecai Hills (Diecai Shan), which is one of the notable scenic areas in Guilin. You take a taxi at the hotel to get there. It is due south Zhongshan Bei Lu (Zhonshan Road North) and then a turn east on Diecai Lu (Diecai Road) toward the Li River.

Three km or so farther south, on the other side of the river, is Qixingyan (Seven-star Cave), which is another wellknown part of Guilin.

Ludi Cave Park is 4-5 km west of New Century Hotel.

Closer to the hotel, about half a km south of the hotel, is a small park, Yushan Park. In the park there stands a lone peak, a temple and some ancient inscriptions on rocks. Yushan Park, like Diecai Park, is on the western bank of the Li River. South of the Diecai Park is Binjiang Lu - Riverside Road.

By "Liu San Jie area" do you refer to the open-field show "Impression Liu Sanjie"? That performance takes place on the section of the Li River that is in Yangshuo, close to Shutong Peak, which about 65 km down stream from Guilin. You can get there as part of your Li River cruise or take a tour bus.

As for restaurants, there are too many to say which is better than the others. They cook fish pretty well - they've got "beer fish" - and the local people like rice noodles. But there is a great variety of dishes and you'll find cuisines from all over China. You'll have to look around and see what you like. There are certain parts city where you'll find a high concentration of restaurants. For example, there is a place called Renwangjiao Meishijie (Renwangjiao Cuisine Street) that is on Zhongshan Zhong Lu (Zhongshan Middle Road), next to Guilin Zhongxin Guangchang (Guilin Central Square). Central Square is about 4 km south of New Century Hotel Guilin. In Yangshuo, on West Street there is a large number of restaurants and bars.