Train travel in April and holiday traffic

Q: I'm going the last two weeks of April 2011 to Beijing - Shanghai - Hong Kong by train. is it the the movement of domestic tourists dificult by then? can i travel by train in those two weeks without dificulty? Thanks.

Late April 2011 falls in between two of China's holidays, the Qingming (Ancestors Day) and the May First (Labor Day). The Chinese get a few days off on these two holidays. The Qingming festival of 2011 seems to be April 5. So you seem to be all right insofar as domestic traffic is concerned. Still, if you travel by train, you need to arrange to have your tickets purchased in advance since they're almost always in demand, even off holiday seasons. The trains between Hong Kong and Shanghai and that between Beijing and Hong Kong are different; they do not belong to the same system as the trains that run within China. The tickets for these trains can also be purchased more conveniently. For domestic trains, tickets are sold in advance by one or two weeks, but likely you'll need the assistance of some friends, travel agents or hotels where you stay.