Find Guilin Fashion and Hair Extension Supplier

Q: I would like to know if there is any supplier for man & women clothes or hair extension that can be found in Guilin?

A: Unlike cities such as Guangzhou, Guilin is known for wholesale markets. If you main purpose of traveling to China is purchasing goods, you should go somewhere else. If you happen to be there (touring) and want to take a look at the local markets, there are a of places you can go to. Guili Guoji Luyou Shangpin Pifa Cheng (Guilin International Travel Goods Wholesale City) is located in the souther part of Guilin, close to the intersection of Wayao Road (Wayoa Lu) and Southern Second Beltway(Huancheng Nan Er Lu). As the name indicates, it carries mostly travel-related goods but also sells other consumer goods. Phone (0773) 3613999, (0773)3613888.

Across road (Southern Beltway) from Travel Goods Wholesale City is Detian Wanhuo Pifa Cheng (Detian Goods Wholesale City). The market opened for business in 2008, and among the stuff sold there are clothes, household items, suvenius, etc. Phone: (0773)3611888.

These two markets are located on the ring road of Guilin, so they should be easy to access. But as noted above, the markets can not compare to large wholesale markets in some other cities.

Additionally, there is a small goods wholesale market near Guilin Long Distance Bus Station. Phone (0773) 2826384.

As for standard shopping centers in Guilin, there are Guilin Shi Zhongxi Guangchang (Guilin City Central Square)- the shops are undergound below the square; Zhengyang Buxing Jie (Zhengyang Pedstrian Street); Weixiaotang Shangsha (Weixiaotang Plaza). There market are all located in the commercial district of Guilin, close to the intersection of Jiefang Lu (Liberation Road) and Zhongshan Lu (Zhongshan Road).