Spell Ling in Chinese

Q: How do you spell "Ling" in Chinese?

You do not actually spell in the Chinese language. The Chinese is a non-alphabetic language; there are no letters, only characters. Each character is one word that is generally cannot be further divided. Each word is like an image, with its particular meaning.

The reason the Chinese do not use letters is that there are many homonyms in the Chinese language, words that pronounce the same but have different meanings. So the Chinese cannot go by the sounds of the words and have to go by the appearance of the words. In your case, there are quite a few Chinese words that pronounce "ling". Here we assume you're asking about the character in the name of Song Meiling (also romanized as Soong May-ling - the wife of Chinese Nationalist leader Chiang Kai-shek). If that is the case, you can see the character here:

Writing the name "Song Meiling"

The third character in the image on that page is "ling".

And here is an explanation of the name:

The meaning of "Meiling"

Again, there are other characters in Chinese that pronounce "ling". For examples, "leading", "hills", "clever"... If you're asking about these other characters that pronounces "ling", you need to provide the meaning of that character to look it up.