Travel time and distance from Zhejiang to Shantou

Q: I would like know how I could travel from Zhejiang to Shantou and what is the distance and also how long it would take? I would like to know this soon because I need to make my travel plans.Thank you.

There is no direct train link between major cities of Zhejiang and Shantou, so the easiest way would be to fly. There are air services from Hangzhou, Ningbo and Yiwu to Shantou. Departures are not on daily basis, onlyl on certains of the week, so you need to look into this if you choose to go by plane. China Southern Airlines operate flights from Ningbo and Yiwu to Shantou. Hainan Airlines seems to operate flights from Hangzhou to Shantou - not too sure about status. Flight time is about one hour thirty minutes. Fares vary depending on how and when you book, should be in the range of 500 to 900 Chinese dollars.