Where is Pingyao?

Q: Where is Pingyao? How can one get there from Beijing? Is it far from Xian? Thank you for your answers.

Pingyao is a county in Jingzhong City, Shanxi Province. It is approximately 700 km (400 ml) southwest of Beijing. You can travel from Beijing to Pingyao by train. Train travel time is about 12 hours. You need to get sleeping berths as these are overnight trains.

Pingyao is known for a well-preserved historical city, featuring traditional Chinese architecture and a city-wall that was built in the Ming Dynasty (1368-1683).

Xian is in the neighboring Shaanxi Province. The Romanized names of Shanxi and Shannxi - double a's - should actually be spelt the same even though they are different Chinese characters; to differentiate the two, one additional "a" is inserted into the name of the province of which Xian is the capital. Xian is farther west of Pingyao. By railway the distance is about 560 km (350 ml). Train travel time is about 9 hours. One can also travel by long distance bus. Xian is a larger city, used to be the capital of a few dynasties in Chinese history. It also has a city wall and is, of course, known for the First Qin Emperor's Terra Cotta Warriors.