Hotels in Shangdi Beijing

Q: I will be in Beijing in mid-July. Are there some mid-range hotels in the area? What about local transportation? How far is it from downtown Beijing? How far is it from Beijing Capital Airport?

Shangdi is at the northwestern outskirt of Beijing. It is about an hour away from Beijing Capital International Airport (30 km or so). If you take a taxi at the airport, the trip should cost about 100 Chinese dollars. You can take an airport shuttle bus to get a stop in the city that is close to Shangdi and then take a cab there. This will save you a little money but does not seem to be worth the trouble, especially if you have luggage with you.

From Shangdi to downtown Beijing it is about 25 km. There is a city rail station in Shangdi (Line No. 13?) You can make connections to the subway system, by which you can get around the city. You can also take one of these city buses. Beware, however, sometimes it is rather crowded on these public transportation vehicles.

As for hotels, there is Holiday Inn Express Shangdi, located at No. 33 Shangdi East Road. Rate is about US$60 (420 Chinese dollars) a night. There is also a Super 8, which is even cheaper, about US$30-40. It is located at No. 15 Xinxi Road and is close to the city rail station. If you do not mind staying a little distance away from Shangdi and in Zhongguancun, which is south of Shangdi, you will have a lot more choices.