Direct Coach Transport from Hangzhou to Taizhou City

Q: Could you kindly advise on the direct coach service from Hangzhou to Taizhou City, Zhejiang? From which Hangzhou's bus terminal, frequency, timetable & fares? How long would the trip be? What is the final terminal for the coach in Taizhou City? Is it in Jiaojiang? Thank you for your informative service.

Taizhou has three districts (plus a few counties around them). The three districts are Jiaojiang, Huangyan and Luqiao. Jiaojiang district is the city proper. Huangyan and Luqiao are two outlying parts of the city, respective 20 and 10 km from the center of Jiaojiang district. Luqiao is close to the airport that serves Taizhou. From Huangzhou you can take long distance buses that go to these districts of Taizhou.

There are several long distance bus stations in Hangzhou. You should be able to find buses bound for Taizhou at Hangzhou Qiche Dong Zhan (Hangzhou Long Dinstance Bus East Station), which is a bigger station. Buses depart for the districts of Taizhou from this station during the day time every hour or so. Fare is about one hundred Chinese dollars or so. You should take express buses that go directly from Hangzhou to Taizhou (there may be buses that make stops in between). If traffic is not too bad, it takes three to four hours to get from Hangzhou to Taizhou.

In Taizhou, there are Taizhou Keyun Zong Zhan (Taizhou Passenger Transportation General Station), which is in Jiaojiang; Taizhou Keyun Xi Zhan (Taizhou Passenger Transportation West Station), which is in Huangyan; and Taizhou Keyun Nan Zhan (Taizhou Passenger Transportation South Station), which is in Luqiao.