Bus travel from HK to Guangzhou compared to train

Q: I am trying to see if it is better to travel by train from Hong Kong to Guangzhou or if I am better taking a coach. Which is faster? I am arriving in HongKong airport at 3pm. If I take a coach, I can take it right from the airport, even though the trip itself might be a bit longer. If I want to take the train, I need to get to HongHum station. Correct? My research suggests this might take an hour by MTR. Plus I see requirements that you need to be there at least 45 min before the train leaves, for exit immigration and getting your ticket. Is my understanding correct? This suggests that my entire trip from the HK airport to GZ might be almost 4 hours. In that situation, it might be better to take the coach? Thanks for the advice!

Right, to travel by train from Hong Kong Airport to Guangzhou, you need to make connections. If you travel by coach, you can go directly from Hong Kong Airport to Guangzhou. Coaches leave Hong Kong Airport for Guangzhou every half an hour or so. The latest coaches leave around 11:00 pm. The coaches make stops at different places in Guangzhou, so you may want to ask around first which bus is the best for you. Total coach travel time is 3 to 4 hours. Bus fare is HK$220 to HK$250.

If you want to travel train, you need to get to Hung Hom Station in Kowloon first, either by train or bus. Airport Express takes you to Kowloon Station in half an hour or so, but it does not take you directly to Hung Hom Station. City bus A21 goes from the airport to Hung Hom Station. It is, however, a bus ride of over one hour (covering 40 km or so); the bus makes many stops on the way. Bus fair is HK$33. Fare for the train ride from Hung Hom to Guangzhou East is HK$230 Premium or HK$190 First Class.

So it seems that if you are not planning to stay in Hong Kong, you might as well take a coach at the airport and go to Guangzhou directly.