Travel by train from Hong Kong via Guangzhou to Hangzhou

Q: How long (hours) is the train trip from Hong Kong to Hangzhou? Do I have to change trains at Gaungzhou and what is the cost?

There is no express train from Hong Kong to Hangzhou. You have two options if you want to travel by train. You can either take a train that goes from Hong Kong to Shanghai, get off, and then take another train (or a bus) to go to Hangzhou. Or, you can first travel by train or bus from Hong Kong to Guangzhou and then take a train there that goes to Hangzhou.

The Hong Kong-Shanghai train, which is part of the Intercity Passenger Services managed by Hong Kong MTR, departs from Hung Hom in Kowloon. The train runs every other day (alternating between destinations of Shanghai and Beijing). Fare for an adult in a soft sleeper is about HK$800; hard sleeper, HK$500; deluxe soft sleper, HK$1,000. The train departs 3:00 in the afternoon and arrives in Shanghai at 11:00 next morning, for a total travel time of 20 hours.

From Shanghai to Hangzhou it is approximately 200 km. Train travel time is about two hours. You can also take a coach if you do not have a whole lot luggage and can find the bus you need easily.

It is a trip of about two hours from Hong Kong to Guangzhou. You can go by bus or train. From Guangzhou Railway Station fours trains depart for Hangzhou everyday, two in the morning and two in the afternoon. Train travel time range from 17 to 19 hours. Three of these trains arrive at Hangzhou Dong Zhan (Hangzhou East Station); the fourth goes to Hangzhou Zhan (Hangzhou Station). A ticket for a soft sleeper costs about ¥500.

There are flights between Hong Kong International Airport to Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, operated by Dragonair, China Eastern, etc. Fares varie depending how and when you book; you may get a ticket for ¥1,200 or so (one way). Flight time from Hong Kong to Xiaoshan Airport is about two hours.